How to Disinfect Phones

What’s the one thing you carry around with you at all times? It goes with you to school, work, in the car, and even into the bathroom. You use it to communicate, play games, watch shows, create art, and pass time. And guess what, it has 18x more bacteria on it than what’s found in a public restroom.

That’s right, your cell phone — that beloved device you probably spent several hundred dollars on — is COVERED in disgusting and harmful bacteria. But don’t worry, we can help solve that problem.

Why Should You Sanitize Your Phone?

Every single thing we touch, gas pumps, doorknobs, toilet seats, food, and other people transfers directly to our cell phones. We may wash our hands, but we rarely wash our phones. Instead we touch them to our faces, we give them to our children (who sometimes put them in our mouths), and we let them get extremely dirty. For something that can be such a valuable tool, we shouldn’t let it become a danger to our health.

A baby puts a phone in his mouth

How Can You Sanitize Your Phone?

Using PhoneSoap you can kill 99.99% of bacteria in just 10 minutes. You stick your phone, with the case on, into the PhoneSoap unit and using powerful UV-C lights, the bacteria are killed, and your phone is sanitized. These UV-C lights are chemical-free and perfectly safe for your phone. One great part about PhoneSoap is that it uses 360-degree disinfection — something many other UV sanitizers do not guarantee. Using quartz plating, every single part of your phone that is touched by UV light is sanitized. 

How to Sanitize Your Phone Case?

Don’t worry, a PhoneSoap unit isn’t just good for cleaning your cell phone, it can also clean your case. And we recommend you leave your case on since that’s what you’re touching, not the actual back of your phone. The UV-C lights do no damage to your case as they work to kill the bacteria.

A hand holding a cell phone

How to Clean My Phone from Viruses?

PhoneSoap has been laboratory tested against common household bacteria and is proven to kill E. coli, salmonella, staph, MRSA, Influenza A H1N1, and rhinovirus (the common cold). For more information, check out our blog that details all the things UV-C light kills

What Disinfectant Wipes are Best to Use on Phones?

Most disinfectant and alcohol wipes are not as effective as you may think. They often can spread bacteria and lack the ability to kill many viruses. For more details and links to studies, check out our blog post we wrote about this topic. You can still use alcohol wipes but know that they are less effective at killing bacteria than using UV sanitizers like PhoneSoap.

A phone being put into a PhoneSoap UV sanitizer

Don’t let your phone get you sick. We want you to enjoy your phones and the many wonderful things they can do. We don’t want them to help spread harmful germs and bacteria to you and your family. Stay healthy and stress less by using PhoneSoap to safely and effectively sanitize your phone.