6 Gifts for Your New Neighbor

Moving to a new city can be terrifying, especially if you don't have any friends or family close by. Chances are, you could have a new neighbor next door or living on the floor above you — and they're probably a little nervous to be in an unfamiliar area. Consider taking them a small gift or even just swing by to introduce yourself so that they can feel more at home. A handwritten welcome card, a potted succulent, or freshly baked banana bread can do wonders for cultivating a friendship, but here are some other gift ideas that will be sure to brighten their day — and give them an excuse to take a break from unpacking! 


Package of flowers

A fresh bouquet of flowers may be a conventional housewarming gift, but it’s a classic for a reason. Not only are they affordable, but sweet blossoms are a simple way to say “Welcome! We’re so happy you’re here.” They will be happy to display these in their home — especially if they haven’t unpacked their other decorations yet!  


Dinner Invite 

People around a dinner table

Making friends in an unfamiliar area can be difficult, and weekends can feel a little lonely. Invite your new friends over for a BBQ or casual dinner, so that you can get to know each other a little better. You may discover that you have a lot in common, which could lead to golf outings and pool parties in the future!  



Texas Homesick candle

New homes tend to smell like paint and dust, which is not the most comforting scent. What says “housewarming gift” better than a candle? Burning a scented candle will make the place feel cozy and inviting, so they will feel right at home 

Texas Home Sick Candle (Plus 49 Other States) Available for $34.00 from homesick.com


Book About Your City 

Salt Lake City Travel Guide

Are your neighbors from out of state? Especially if they moved for work reasons, they may not know much about their new area, besides a couple Google searches. Consider gifting them a travel guide, so they can become locals and check out all the best restaurants and sights.  

Guide Book to Salt Lake City on Amazon for $11.97. 


Cleaning Products 

Meyers Hand Soap

Want to get your neighbors a practical gift that they’ll definitely use? Next time you’re at the grocery store, grab a bottle of nice hand soap, dish soap, and wrap it in a cute tea towel with a ribbon. It’s a simple, yet genuine way to let them know you’re thinking about them.  

Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap (Set of 3) on Amazon for $25.99. 


Restaurant Gift Card   

Cracker Barrel Gift Card

When you’re trying to unpack and rearrange furniture, there’s not much time to think about cooking dinner-especially when you can’t find the box full of dishes and cutlery. Give your neighbors a handwritten note and a gift card to one of your favorite local restaurants. It gives them a break from cooking, plus a chance to explore the city together 

Gift Cards Available on Amazon starting from $25.00.