8 Gifts for Your Favorite Online Shopper

I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I CANNOT pass up online lists: “The 30 Things on Amazon You Never Knew You Needed!” “25 Self-Care Items You Need in Your Life Right Now,” and the list goes on and on and on and on forever and ever until your bank account is empty or you’re dead — whichever comes first.

Okay, so I guess you’re probably kiiiind of like me since you’re here. *Insert winky emoji* 

Chances are, your friend (a certified online shopping addict) has probably looked at a lot of those lists, too, which can make it tricky to know what to get them. But no worries — I’m here to help solve your problem with this tip: buy them something unique (and preferably from a site they don’t yet know about).

Need ideas? We’ve got you covered.

TikTok Challenge Game


1. The TikTok Challenge Game

Price: $15.00 on UncommonGoods.com

Your online shopping-obsessed pal probably spends a pretty good chunk of time on their phone as is, so why not turn it into family bonding time?! With the TikTok Challenge Game, they and their family members can upload all sorts of funny antics straight onto TikTok depending on the card they draw. It’s the best of both worlds: screen time and family time all rolled into one.

Dreaming in Green artwork print

2. A Custom Artwork Print

Price: $20.00 on PlumPrint.com

Want a super fun (yet super personal) gift for your friend? Plum Print is the place to go! With a little stealth (and maybe some help from one of their family members), you can upload one of their kid’s pieces of artwork onto Plum Print and have them send it to you as a gorgeous print! It’s a gift your friend will treasure forever, and it’s inexpensive to boot. Win/win!  

HomeSoap UV Sanitizer


3. The HomeSoap

Price: $199.95 on our website

The HomeSoap truly is the GOAT: it can fit everything from remotes and tablets to baby bottles and pacifiers. With all the brain space that’s being taken up trying to find the best deal, let germs be one less thing your friend has to worry about.

Mindful Breathing Necklace in 4 colors


4. Mindful Breathing Necklace

Price: $85.00 - $115.00 on UncommonGoods.com

This pendant encourages slow, steady breathing and mindfulness — so in other words, it’s perfect for any friend who has spent more than five minutes of their life trying to purchase an item on eBay.

Mouth Monthly Box

5. A Mouth Monthly Subscription Box

Price: From $47.75/mo and up on Mouth.com

Mouth’s monthly subscription boxes full of delectable foods of all sorts is just… *chef’s kiss* — seriously, we can’t get enough. Whether you’re a pickle lover, a jerky junkie, or you just love a good snack, Mouth’s got everything you could want.


Pink Lush Bath Bomb

6. Literally Any and All LUSH Bath Bombs

Price: $4.95 and up on lushusa.com

I take baths basically every day, and LUSH bath bombs are far and away the very best. They smell amazing, they’re beautiful, and they’re the ultimate de-stressers.  Trust me: for any friend that’s been scouring the internet all day, a relaxing bath is a MUST.

Assorted popcorn flavors

7. A Popcorn Gift Box

Price: $28.95 on CranberrySweets.com 

The popcorn at Cranberry Sweets is literally what dreams are made of. A friend of mine has sent me several varieties of popcorn from this site, and I’m obsessed with every single flavor. Because I’ve consumed so many bags of this stuff, you can trust me when I tell you that it’s the perfect snack food for all those hours spent on your laptop surfing the web.


Outdoor Throwing Game Kit

8. Outdoor Throwing Game

Price: $38.99 on TheGrommet.com

Because c’mon — your friend definitely needs to get out of the house and off of their phone a little more. Luckily, this game makes it super easy: it’s basically lawn bowling, and it’s simple to learn and play. It’ll have them off the internet in no time!


What is the gift you’re most excited to give (or get) this year? Tell us in the comments!