How Do I Clean My Phone?

How to Clean Your Phone 

So you need to find a safe and effective way to clean your phone? Well, you've come to the right place because PhoneSoap specializes in phone cleaners that will not only keep your phone looking new, they will also help keep you healthy and give your devices a charge. Best of all, our products make the process quick and simple.

First...don't use alcohol

We get asked this all the time: why can't I just use alcohol wipes? There are a couple of reasons: alcohol wipes are not only not completely effective, but they can also be damaging to the device. This also goes for other liquid cleaners and chemicals:

"It is not recommended to use any alcohol-based solutions when cleaning a capacitive touchscreen, neither is it a good idea to apply common household detergents, even if it's stated that they can be used for computer and/or TV screens. The aggressive compounds in such cleaners can easily wipe off the oleophobic coat and leave your glass 'naked'...Cleaning your mobile device's glass should generally be done with just a soft, cotton rag. In extreme cases, water-based solvents should do the trick." -

For more information on why you shouldn't be using alcohol wipes or harsh chemicals, check out this article on, as well as this blog where I go more in-depth on the dangers of alcohol use.

Second...We have an easier solution: The PhoneSoap Shine + the PhoneSoap 3

The PhoneSoap Shine is a water-based solution with no ammonia, no alcohol, and is 100% safe for all screens. It's a small, portable spray bottle with a built-in microfiber cloth making for an easy spray and wipe system that leaves your screen looking like new.

Now that your phone LOOKS clean, it's time to actually clean it. The PhoneSoap 3 is a smartphone sanitizer that kills 99.99% of all the germs and bacteria on your smartphone using UVC light. It will only take 10 minutes and best of all - there's a USB port in the back that allows for charging as well.

PhoneSoap 3 kills common cold and flu viruses, as well as more serious strands of bacteria like MRSA and Staph.

With these two products, you no longer need to worry about how to clean your phone. For larger items like remotes, iPads, toothbrushes, etc., check out our PhoneSoap XL and PhoneSoap Locker! (Did I mention all PhoneSoap products will sanitize anything that fits inside, not just electronics?) 

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