How to Get Rid of Dust and Allergens In Your Home

Dust in the wind. And in our homes. And in the air we are breathing. Can air purifiers help? The answer is yes. 


What Can You Do?

Your typical HEPA filter air purifiers can do a great job at trapping pollutants like dust. But these filters don't get rid of those pollutants and they often can cause more pollution in the area or even grow mold. 

That's why for any air purifier need, we really recommend the AirSoap. It uses an Electric Wind technology that eliminates the need for filters. Instead of just trapping dust and other pollutants, it polarizes them. Then washable collecting plates remove those particles. 

What About Allergies?

Dust can cause allergies for some, but one of the biggest allergens in your home is pet dander. And we know the solution isn't to get rid of the beloved family dog. That's why you need an air purifier. Many air purifiers, including the AirSoap are proven to help reduce pet dander. 

Want to Learn More?

If you want to learn more about air purifiers and the science behind them, check out our blog post, "Air Purifiers 101." We also break down the best air purifiers and what to look for when buying in our blog, "Which Air Purifier is Best?"

How Else Can You Reduce Allergens or Dust?

If air purifiers aren't in our budget or future, or you just still want to know ways to reduce allergens or dust in your home, we have some ideas.

  • Consider getting hypoallergenic pets. These pets typically don't shed or shed very little. Some even have hair instead of fur. Fur is the carrier of most allergens that come from pets. 
  • Remove carpet. Get hardwood or linoleum floors and use rugs that can be washed. Carpet often will hold onto dust and other pollutants. If you can't choose hardwood flooring, be sure to vacuum often. 
  • During pollen seasons, keep windows closed. Make sure to clean your windowsills often to remove dust, grime, and potential mold that could cause allergies and discomfort. 
  • Dust often or put things that could collect dust into plastic bins. If you hate dusting (I know I do) try to store things, like toys, knickknacks, or books in airtight containers.
AirSoap Filterless Air Purifier

One of the biggest things to reduce allergens and dust in your home is to keep it clean. Not cleaning allows pollutants to build up and then when you finally get around to cleaning, it's a massive and painful ordeal. We still recommend getting an air purifier to reduce allergens and dust in your home, but following these above ideas will further help you avoid sneezes, sniffles, and runny noses. 


Let us know what air purifier you choose or what you do to reduce dust and allergens in your home in the comments below!