The 8 Best Gifts for Your Favorite Coworker

As a wise person once said, work is only as fun as your most fun coworker.

It was me. I said that. I’m SO wise, and yes, you can quote me on all of this. 

But seriously, coworkers can make or break a job, and that’s why the good ones deserve to be celebrated! And to make your celebration efforts a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of gifts to give them that will show your appreciation this Christmas.

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Pencils with Office Quotes

#1: The Office Pencil Set

Price: $25 on

I submit that there is no better gift to give your officemate than a pencil set from everyone’s favorite workplace comedy, The Office. And let’s be honest: the only thing better than working with your real-life coworker would be working with Michael Scott himself. 

Bonus: Longhand Pencils has tons of sets from other shows, movies, and books, so if The Office doesn’t strike your fancy, take a look and see what other options your coworker will ((definitely)) be obsessed with.

Daily Desk Calendar

#2: 2021 Seize the Day Daily Desk Calendar

Price: $13.99 on Etsy

No matter how fabulous your job is, sometimes work just stinks — and on those days, your coworker needs a little pick-me-up. Enter this amazing and uber-inspirational daily calendar. One look at these incredible quotes from even more incredible women will have your office buddy feeling better in no time. (And you, too, because c’mon: you definitely spend more time at their desk than your own.)

Tiny Desk Golf

#3: Desktop Golf

Price: $35.00 on

Ever get an email that leaves you feeling antsy, or leave a meeting feeling stressed? Desktop golf is PERFECT for those moments, and it’s going to give your coworker (and everyone in your office, TBH) hours of stress-melting entertainment. Plus, your coworker can change the golfing surface so that they can putt a different hole every single time. Trust us: this gift is so good that it’s going to be… on par… with everything from your holiday vacation time to your Christmas bonus. 

I know. I’ll see myself out.

PhoneSoap 3 UV Sanitizer

#4: PhoneSoap 3

Price: $79.95 on our site

One of the greatest gifts you can give anyone, especially during this insane pandemic, is the gift of a germ-free phone. Whether your coworker is working from home or in the office, they’re definitely encountering germs on germs on germs all day long — but with the PhoneSoap, all those bacteria can be gone in ten minutes flat. Merry Christmas indeed!

Gel Seat Cushion

#5: Orthopedic Gel Seat Cushion

Price: $37.95 on Amazon

Sitting for hours on end is no fun no matter which way you slice it, but it’s much more enjoyable (and less painful) with this seat cushion. Plus, it comes with a removable cover for easy cleaning! Just make sure your coworker writes their name with Sharpie on that thing because you know everyone is going to want to steal it. 

Felt Letter board

#6: Felt Letter Board

Price: $23.87 on

This adorable letter board is hands down the easiest way to brighten up the workspace — and to make your coworker laugh, obviously, when you regularly surprise them with a new Leslie Knope quote to look at all day.

Adjustable Desktop Shelves

#7: Desktop Organizer with Adjustable Shelves

Price: $25.99 on

Truly the perfect gift for your ultra-organized (or ultra-disorganized…) office pal. These adjustable shelves are perfect for housing everything from books and paperwork to the much-needed office succulent — and it’s available in four finishes to match any type of desk!

Panda Planner Daily Planner

#8: Daily Planner

Price: $20.97 on

There’s a reason everyone is so obsessed with Panda Planners: because they’re awesome. They’re spacious, customizable, and sure to help your coworker have their most productive year yet.

What’s your favorite gift you’ve ever gotten from a coworker? Drop your answer in the comments!