Using Air Purifiers to Reduce Smoke

Nobody wants their home to smell like a fire pit. Whether from an outdoor fire or cigarettes, smoke unpleasantly hangs in the air, which can cause breathing issues and lung discomfort. Air purifiers are a great way to clear smoke and other particles such as pet dander, bacteria, and mold 

Reduce smoke with air purifiers

The Dangers of Smoke Inhalation 

Whether you smoke cigarettes or live in an area that is prone to wildfires, it’s important to be cautious of how the residual smoke can affect your home and your health. Smoke exposure is dangerous for pets, particularly cats, because the fumes can stick to fur and become ingested when licked. While most cats don’t like to — or even need to be bathed — there are some special feline shampoos that can help if they’re exposed to smoke. For humans, smoke can cause coughing and difficulty breathing, but could easily lead to bronchitis, pneumonia, and lung cancer. Taking small precautions in your home can protect you from experiencing the harmful effects of smoke so that breathe freely and be healthy for years to come 

Plants on a windowsill

How to Prevent Smoke Damage in Your Home 

  • If you smoke cigarettes, smoke outdoors only.  
  • Check the air quality in your area a few times a week.  
  • Keep exterior doors and windows tightly shut if you’re burning a backyard campfire.  
  • Frequently wash curtains and other textiles that may trap fumes and cause damage.  
  • Use an air purifier, such as the AirSoap, which can neutralize smoke particles.  
Why AirSoap?

AirSoap vs. Others 

With traditional air purifiers, smoke and other allergens collect in the HEPA filter, which aren’t reusable, so you must purchase new filters regularly. AirSoap, however, uses a reusable graphene plate that saves money over time and reduces waste from disposable filters. Additionally, Air Soap's electric wind technology can polarize 99.99% of the bacteria and other particles in the air, while competitors can only kill 99.9%. Combining the use of the AirSoap and other precautions to keep your home free from smoke, you should be able to protect both you and your family from experiencing the damaging effects of smoke exposure.