Why You Need an Air Purifier In the Bedroom

One of the most popular places to put an air purifier is in the bedroom. A lot happens in the bedroom and the air can become full of dust, bacteria, and allergens. Those pollutants can make you sick or keep you from sleeping well.

Space Matters

When looking to buy an air purifier make sure you look at the space it says it covers. Air purifiers are built to cover a certain square footage and you don't want to buy one that will only purify half your room.

Bedrooms breed dust, pollutants, and allergens

What Are the Benefits of Adding an Air Purifier to your Bedroom?

Reduces Odor

Air purifiers do a great job of eliminating and reducing odor in your bedroom. We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms and they also can be the home of some smelly things, like dirty laundry and even bathrooms. 

Reduces Dust

Dust collects on everything. And sometimes it feels like you can never get rid of it. You dust one day and the next day there is more. Dust can cause sneezing and eye, throat, and nose irritation. Luckily air purifiers are great for reducing dust. For more information on dust reduction with and without an air purifier, check out this blog post. 

Reduces Allergens

It's important to keep the allergies outside. Allergies can come from dust, pets, and other pollutants and can make you miserable. Air purifiers are perfect for reducing pet dander and other pollutants in the air that cause allergies. 

Reduces Harmful Bacteria

Not all bacteria is transferred through touch or surfaces. A lot of harmful bacteria and viruses are airborne and transmitted through the air. Some air purifiers, like the AirSoap, can capture and kill these bacteria. 

An unmade bed

Humidifiers vs. Air Purifiers

You may be wondering what the difference is and if you need both. Air purifiers and humidifiers both do very different things. Humidifiers only control the humidity in a room. This can be beneficial for eliminating and reducing dryness of skin, eyes, nose, and throat — especially during cold, dry months. Humidifiers can also help with allergies (clearing nasal passages) and can even reduce snoring. 

Air purifiers reduce odor, eliminate airborne pathogens and allergens, and also reduce dust and mold. All things humidifiers cannot do. That is why it's important to have both and not choose one of the other thinking they are equal. 

What We Recommend

Do your research when shopping for an air purifier. Determine why you are buying it. Not all air purifiers are the same nor do they do the same things. There are many differences. We go over those differences in our blog "Air Purifiers 101." 


Let us know why you want an air purifier in the comments below!